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Ndume Water Heater

The answer to your water heating problems.

6ft Chimney supplied as standard

Are you paying through to much to heat your water? Electricity is very expensive - when you can get it. It is estimated that 50% of your electricity bill is probably for water heating.
Do you have waste material that you could burn to heat water? If so, Ndume Ltd. has the answer:
The Ndume Water Heater is designed to dissipate as much heat as possible from the burning process. The unit is built as one cylinder inside another so the firebox heats water in all directions. The chimney, being placed at one end, has a long water jacket to absorb as much heat as possible. The cover at the end of the firebox is designed to let air into the base of the fire ensuring a more complete burn regardless of the material being used.
It is estimated that 5kg of firewood will heat 90 litres (20 gallons) of water to near boiling in one hour.

The Ndume Water Heater comes in two sizes. The small size is suitable for connecting to your present hot water storage system, serving one or two bathrooms. The large size has a much larger capacity and is ideally suited to heating water for a complete house.
Water Jacket Capacity

LARGE  -  120 litres
SMALL  -  30 litres

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