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Ndume Grass Seeder


The Ndume Grass Seeder has a ribbon auger across the base of the seed box that augers the seed into the center of the box.  There is also an agitator shaft in the seed box that stops the seed from bridging.

The grass seed then drops into a pipe which is then sucked into a specially constructed PTO driven fan.  The fan then blows the seed into a distributor head and down 12 pipes to a spreader plate.  The angle of the spreader plate is adjustable which allows the operator to decide where the seed falls.  At the rear of the machine is a spiral roller which presses the grass seed into the soil.

 The drive system for the ribbon auger and agitator is taken from the spiral roller and through a simple gearbox with six settings.  Seeding rates can be changed through the six settings on the gear box.

There are six triple " K " tines placed on the planter to eradicate the wheel marks left by the tractor.  More tines can be fitted on the frame if required at extra cost. 

Width of Machine 10 Ft (3 meters)
PTO Speed 540 RPM

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