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In Line Chisel Plough

It is designed with a wheel at the rear to
1) depth-control the plough, and 2) eliminate the side draught caused by the first tine. This wheel is adjustable for depth and steering.

Conventional ploughing requires two tractor wheels in the previous furrow which causes compaction. With the In Line Chisel Plough, all tractor wheels are on level uncultivated land – thus minimising compaction.

Chisel-ploughing the Ndume way means:

1. More Acres cultivated with less fuel used.
2. Moisture penetrates deep down into the soil profile when it rains.
3. Your moisture from the previous season is left underground - where it should be.
4. Eliminating hard pans caused by conventional ploughing.
5. Soil erosion is cut down to a minimum
6. Leaves your field in a state that means one harrowing is usually enough for a seed bed.
7. Generally crop yields will be increased due to better moisture conservation and soil conditioning.

  • The Main Frame material is 100mm x 100mm high stress box section
  • Distance between tines: 13"
  • 3 point linkage mounting brackets category 2
  • Low draft type tines with reversible spring-steel points
  • Each tine is equipped with a 5/8" Shear Bolt designed to shear if large obstacles are encountered (rocks, roots, etc)
  • Number of tines: 2- 5
  • Under beam clearance:  610mm
  • Tractor HP required: Approximately 20HP per tine.

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