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The Ndume GM40 Hammer Mill

The GM40 is a large capacity, robust, durable all-purpose mill capable of dealing with fodder, roughage and grain of all types. It incorporates new as well as well-proven features thus giving more appeal to a greater range of users.

The GM40's capacity will of course vary according to
1) Size of screen fitted,
2) driving HP available,
3) material being milled and
4) moisture content of the material.
Under normal circumstances, the mill will produce in excess of 10 bags of maize flour per hour. It's star feature is the low RPM requirement (2300 - 2600).

The GM40 has long-life hardened hammers which are fixed to a massive 2" rotor shaft firmly secured and running between two heavy duty self-centering bearings which of course eliminates vibration. It also has a huge blower of special design, producing a massive air stream which will draw all the ground meal and leave the screen clear, and carry the meal 40ft and more. Extension pipes are available. The mill's convenient feeding chute is large and fitted with swinging baffle plates for operator safety. The extra-large cyclone is matched to the mill to guarantee clean, economical, trouble-free milling.

Every mill leaving the Ndume factory in Gilgil is test-run, and carries a guarantee.


 Speed of mill rotor
2000 to 2600
 Drive  Electric Motor
 Power Requirement  40 - 100 HP
 Rotor Shaft Size  2" Dia, with keyway
 Bearings  Heavy-duty 2" sealed flange.
 Screen  Interchangeable and wide selection. Screen area 535 sq. In
 Grinding Plate Area  300 Sq In
 Hammers  24 pcs, fixed, Hardened Steel
 Bagging  Single or double spout cyclone


Mill 3' x 9', Cyclone 7' x 9'
Floor space required complete unit 7' x 6'
Weight: Mill 200kg, Cyclone 94kg

The Manufacturer Reserves the Right to Alter Designs and Specifications without Notice

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