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Company Background

Ndume Ltd is an agricultural implement manufacturing and engineering concern, situated on the outskirts of the rural country town of Gilgil in the Rift Valley province of Kenya, 4 kilometers along the main Nyahururu road.

The company was established in August 1959 by Mr. F Rames-Taylor and a total staff of 40 men, with a floor area of approximately 5,440 sq. ft.

Today the modern factory occupies some 5 acres, with 62,000 sq. ft of buildings, consisting of machine shop, fabrication shop, assembly shops and various other engineering activities. When in full production the factory employs around 150 workers.

We manufacture the following agricultural implements: Chisel Ploughs, Disc Harrows, Spring Tine Cultivators, Air Seeders & Planters, Trailers, Gyromowers, Horticultural products, Maize Mills, Dam Scoops, Land Levellers, Airport ground handling equipment, Lawn Mowers, Water-Driven Water Pumps, Water Heaters and Wood Burning Stoves.   

Manufacture is almost 100% from locally made material which enables the immediate supply of spares when necessary.

Our machine shop has some 39 standard-type machine tools including centre and capstan lathes, shapers, milling machines (universal and knee-type), drills (radial and pillar) floor-stand grinders, cut-off grinders and power saws. Lathe sizes vary from 6.5" to 18" swings, with beds of between 3 and 15 ft in length.

The fabrication shop is fitted with Mig and spot welding machines, plasma cutters, guillotines and shears to 1/4" capacity, punching machines, hydraulic pressbrakes 80 to 135 tons, nibblers, manually operated bending and folding machines.

Most parts and all implements are jig-assembled in different sections of the factory. Welding mainly by Mig (Co2 and Argoshield) process.

We also have organized back-up services consisting of general supplies, tools and component stores, with production section producing detailed drawings and technical information. Control, planning and costing of all work passing through the factory is administered by the management.

  Conservation Tillage equipment, East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania

Phone:      020-2186668/9, 2186671/2
Address:   PO Box 62, 20116 Gilgil, Kenya
  Airport handling Equipment
Chisel Ploughs
  Grain Auger 
  Seeders and Planters


  Grain Milling
  Wood Stoves and Water Heaters
  Tipping and Non Tipping Trailers
  Water- Driven Water Pumps
  Damscoops and Land Levelers
  Lawn and Field 
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