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Flower Mover

For the modern floriculture and horticulture farm, a cost effective and timely method of transporting produce from the field / greenhouse to the packing and grading sheds is a must.

The purpose made Ndume Flower Mover, a unit consisting of a two wheeled 16 horse power tractor and trailer, is an ideal alternative to the conventional tractor and trailer unit or hand cart, generally used for transporting produce around most farms today.  

The Flower Mover is considerably more cost effective than conventional tractors and trailers when considering both capital and recurring costs.  A flower mover unit will consume as little as 5 litres of diesel per 10-hour shift.  

The trailer section can be tailor made to the farms requirements. For flowers, the standard trailer is generally sectioned into compartments designed for carrying buckets.  For vegetables, the compartments are usually made to accommodate vegetable crates.  A simple tarpaulin is used for the trailer roof (not supplied as standard) to minimize direct sunlight and heat.

A Flower Mover matched to our two-wheeled tractor can accommodate a maximum of 45 flower buckets, dependent on bucket size. Load area is 12ft long by 5ft wide.
Larger or smaller versions can be made on request.

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