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Ndovu Harrow Trailed

A heavy duty machine for fast-land preparation at minimum cost and time - with minimum maintenance. Designed for people who want the best out of a machine.
  • The main frame is of 125mm x 75mm high stress box section steel built to last a lifetime.
  • Transport axle is designed so that front and rear gangs are balanced on the wheels when the harrow is in the working position, and in the transport position the wheels pivot rearwards thus transferring 1/3 of the weight on to the tractor drawbar.
  • This ensures fast and safe transportation. Transport wheels are 750x16 mounted on heavy-duty tapered roller bearings.
  • Gangs are adjustable both ways
  • Discs are mounted on heavy-duty square holed bearings. Discs and bearings rotate on a stationary square shaft thus ensuring proper alignment at all times. Discs are bolted together with six bolts ensuring that discs never come loose.
  • Wheels are hydraulic-operated
  •  Approximate weight of harrow in kgs is 60 multiplied by the number of discs. Harrows are made to suit tractors from 100 to 180 HP.
 No. of Discs
 Approx. Cutting Width  Size of Discs
 24   10'0"  24"
 10'9" 24" 
 11'6" 24"
 30  12'3"
 32  13'0" 24"
 36  13'9"
 36  14'6"  24"

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