The ideal
machine for
planting into
• There is no other machine as simple to operate or maintain.
The Simplest Seeder Ever Made!
The Ndume Air seeder has none of the complex parts normally associated with
conventional seed drills e.g. no gears, no clutches, no discs or springs. The
conventional 24-row seeder has 24 separate metering units for sowing seed and 24
units for sowing fertilizer. The Ndume air seeder has one metering unit for seed and
one for fertilizer. Both metering units are the fluted roller type made of steel and run
on sealed ball bearings. Seed and fertilizer distribution is carried out by air through
one distributor head and there are NO MOVING PARTS TO GO WRONG. Air for the
system is provided by a fan driven by the tractor PTO shaft.
Seeds and fertilizer is put into the ground behind Heavy Duty spring loaded Suffolk
Coulter knife openers. Each knife opener unit is spring loaded and will therefore
contour-follow in the soil. Depth control is done by the spiral covering roller at the
rear of the machine – simply move the roller up to increase depth, or down to
decrease depth.
The Suffolk Coulter knife openers
are replaceable – simply undo one
bolt and slide it out of the tube.
The cultivator is mounted on a
three-point linkage system behind
the seedbox. Lifting and lowering
of the cultivator is carried out by
one double-acting hydraulic ram.
Power for the ram is supplied by
the external hydraulics on your tractor. When lifting the cultivator out of the ground, the drive wheel for the metering
units automatically lifts off the tyre and seeding stops. When lowering the machine
into the ground the wheel re-engages – ready for seeding.
The Ndume Air Seeder can be used in planting a variety of small seed crops, wheat,
barley, oats, sorghum, rice and others.
Working Width 9ft
Transport Width 9ft
Number of Tines 13
Row Spacing 8”
Drilling Depth Range 0-3” Adjustable
Hopper Capacity (Wheat) 200 Kg
Hopper capacity (fertilizer 200 Kg
Power Requirement 30-60HP with one double acting spool valve
Number of Wheels 750 x 16 single wheel
Potential Work Rate 5 APH
Metering Units Both Seed and Fertilizer Units are adjustable fluted
roller type.