The Ndume Hammer mills are suitable for all grinding operations: maize, wheat, oats, barley, millet, hay, straw and other industrial uses. The GM25 mill is especially suitable for milling of maize.
• The GM25 is an excellent mill, which makes use of large volumes of air from its very efficient fan.
• The additional secondary air inlet ensures clean milling and no overheating.
• The GM25 body is made from the very best quality, heavy welded steel plate, giving years of trouble free service.
• The GM25 main shaft is firmly set between 1.25” self-centered long life bearings. The rotor and fans are carefully balanced before assembly, thus eliminating vibration.
• The GM25’s hardened steel hammers are reversible to give them four lives. To reverse them is a simple operation.
• The capacity of the GM25 varies according to:-

  1. The type of feed
  2. The moisture content of the product milled
  3. The screen used
  4. The type of drive – Vee drives preferred

• The GM25 should be driven at 3,600RMP by engines between 15 to 25Hp
• Every mill is tested before it leaves the factory
The Ndume range of hammer mills has been very successful since 1964. We design our range of mills after considerable research within Kenya, and with practical knowledge of the needs of the many users.
The Ndume guarantee means that your GM25 will always receive services and parts.

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