Easy Attachment: Just connect the linkage arms and the PTO shaft. No flat belt and pulley attachment on tractor required.

Full Mobility: When necessary, mill can be taken to the foodstuff in the field. No foundation and hold-down bolts required.
The Ndume GM40 PTO-driven Hammer Mill is mounted on an all-steel, heavy-duty frame. On the same frame are also mounted the cyclone and the PTO driven shaft and pulley.
The frame has three point linkage attachment pins for ease of moving the unit from place to place. Using the linkage attachment points when grinding also ensures that the PTO shaft is always properly aligned thus prolonging it’s life.

The GM40 is a large capacity robust, long life, all-purpose mill capable of dealing with fodder roughage and grain of all types.
The GM40’s capacity will of course vary according to:

  1. Size of screen fitted
  2. Driving horsepower available
  3. Material milled and
  4. Moisture content of material

Under normal conditions the mill will produce in excess of 10 bags per hour. The GM40 requires low (2300- 2600) RPM, which is ideally suited to the tractor drive system.
The GM40 has a large fan of special design, producing a powerful airflow. The GM40’s convenient easy feeding chute is large and with swinging baffle plates for operator safety.
The GM40’s extra large cyclone is matched to the mill to guarantee clean economical trouble-free milling.
Every mill leaving the Ndume factory at Gilgil is test run, and carries a guarantee.

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