None of the complex parts associated with conventional seed drills. No moving parts to go wrong.

Cultivate, fertilize and plant in one operation with one Machine. There is no other seeder as simple to operate..

With Bar Point tines 5/8” wide that penetrate the soil 7″ deep. Seed and fertilizer is placed at 1″ – 2″ deep..

Large steel V-shaped Press Wheels provide excellent seed to soil contact to enhance good germination.. 

Cultivate, Fertilize and Plant – In One Operation, With One Machine. There is no other..

THE NDUME NDOGO AIR SEEDER – 9FT The Ideal machine for planting into conventionally..

Cultivate, fertilize and plant – In one operation, With one machine. There is no other..

The Ndume Precision Planter has none of the complex parts normally seen on a precision planter.

Easy to calibrate, Simple to maintain, Easy to use. Designed to seed even in…

The Ndume Grass Seeder has a ribbon auger across the base of the seed box…

The Ndume Potato Planter is a very simple machine to set up andplant with. It…

The Ndume potato lifter has a blade at the front that slices and loosens the soil under the row of..