The Ndume Water Wheel pump will pump water from a small stream 24 hours a day
efficiently. All you require is a 6ft fall – easy to construct on a small stream – and a reasonable flow of water. The only daily maintenance requirement is greasing.
The pump is driven directly off the wheel center shaft and is a simple reliable horizontally
opposed piston pump. There are two stroke settings, one for high heads and one for low
Obviously the amount of water pumped is largely determined by the amount of drive water available, and the head to which you are trying to pump. The pump is capable of pumping 120 gallons per hour to 300 ft head or 500 gallons per hour to 20ft head.

The Water Wheel
Type of Wheel Overshot
Diameter of wheel 48”
Width of Wheel 24”
Number of Buckets 21
Size of Main Shaft 11/2”
Bearings Two, 11/2” Flanged Bearings

Type Horizontally opposed Piston Pump
No. of Cylinders 2
Size of Cylinder 3” or 11/2”
Con Rod Bearing Two Greasable Ball Bearings
Length of Stroke 2” or 3”
Strokes per minute Approximately 50

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