(3.25 cubic meters)

The ideal machine for dam making and road repairs.
THE NDUME SCRAPER is designed to work behind a 4WD tractor of between 120 and 140HP.

Simple design means it is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The front door automatically opens when the Scraper Blade is lowered into the working position, and closes when lifted into the transport position. When dumping the load, the rear door again automatically opens to let soil out of the bucket. There are no adjustments and very little, mechanically, to go wrong.

The bucket is operated with two heavy-duty, double-acting 80mm-bore hydraulic rams. The bucket is made from 6mm plate and the blade from heat-treated spring steel. The main carrier frame from 150mm x 150mm box section.

Width of Cut 70”
Bucket Capacity 3.25m3
Wheel size 900 x 20

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