The ideal machine for Shredding horticultural waste products. The Ndume shredder will shred any horticultural product that you wish to either make into compost, or animal feed. Rose stems, pruning’s, vegetable residue are all cut into lengths of between one and two inches.

The machine consists of a horizontal rotor rotating at 1500RPM. The top side of the rotor has four knives on its circumference and a plate in the middle which feeds the produce into the knives.

The cut material then drops down into a fan on the bottom of the rotor, which throws the material up a delivery chute into a trailer. There is no screen in the machine and all knives are made of hardened steel.
The unit requires a 15HP motor to run. As an option, the unit can be mounted on a tractor and driven by the PTO .


Size of rotor 24”
No. of knives 4, Reversible type
Diameter of delivery fan 28”
Horsepower required 15Hp
Hopper size 19” square
Height of hopper above ground level 50”

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