The introduction of this machine to our range of implements is in keeping with the up to date trends in land preparation. It has been found that over a
period of time the disc harrow pulverizes the soil causing loss of soil structure.
It can also cause compaction and moisture loss problems.

The Ndume Dutch Harrow prepares your seed bed with a minimum of soil disturbance thus eliminating moisture losses. It also leaves the surface in a firm condition, which means good germination at planting time. One does not have to wait for rain to break down cloddy fields before harrowing. The Dutch harrow will break down the clods even when they are very dry. This means that all your cultivations can be done in the dry weather. Any weed control after a Dutch Harrow can be done with chemicals or light tine harrow.

The Ndume Dutch Harrow has very few moving parts, which means minimum maintenance and down time. Fuel consumption for Dutch-Harrowing is estimated to be about 1/3 of that of Disc Harrowing.

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