The Ndume Pallet Dollies are manufactured to the highest quality, and will ensure durability and long life due to their heavy-duty construction.

The Ndume Pallet Dollies are capable of transporting devices of the following dimensions: Base sizes 96” x 125” and 88” x 125”.

Pallet dolly overall dimensions are Length 350cm x Width 250cm x Height 53cm. Dolly frame and chassis are manufactured from strong, high quality steel.

Wheel size is 16” fitted with solid tyres, there are 4 wheels on each dolly. Each wheel is fitted with two sealed bearings with a dynamic load rating of 2,500 Kilograms per bearing.

Tow hitch fitted at the rear has spring-loaded pin. Tow hitch is manufactured with high strength material, thus allowing for the towing of many dollies in one line.

Tow bar is sufficient in length, thus preventing two adjacent dollies contacting each other when turning sharply, tow eye provided on draw bar. Speeds of up to 15 – 25Km/hr are possible and dollies are very stable.

Roller platform height of 580mm, two rows of heavy duty rollers provided, 26 rollers (13 in each line) to maximize load carrying capacity. Two pallet locks (evenly spaced) are provided on each side of the dolly, total therefore 4 locks per dolly.

Turntable reinforced in the front wheels, front wheels have mild steel rims, tyres are 16” x 5”. Parking brake operates on front wheels with draw bar in vertical position.

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