Cultivate, Fertilize and Plant – In One Operation, With One Machine
• There is no other machine as simple to operate or maintain.
• Designed to seed in most conditions.
The Simplest Seeder Ever Made!
The Ndume Air seeder has none of the complex parts normally associated with conventional
seed drills e.g. no gears, no clutches, no discs. The conventional 16-row seeder has 16
separate metering units for sowing seed and 16 units for sowing fertilizer. The Ndume air
seeder has two metering units for seed and two for fertilizer. The metering units are the fluted
roller type made of steel and run on sealed ball bearings. Seed and fertilizer distribution is
carried out by air through two distributor heads. There are NO MOVING PARTS TO GO WRONG.
Air for the system is provided by a fan driven by the tractor PTO shaft.
The Ndume Press Wheel Planter has
a large V-shaped presswheel made
out of steel. Wheels are mounted at
the rear in gangs of 5, 6 or 7
depending on the size of the
machine. The advantage of this is
that the wheel behind each tine is
not isolated, which 1) saves
valuable space in the frame, and 2)
ensures that the presswheel is less
likely to stop going round in wet

The Presswheels have two functions: 1) They provide good seed to soil contact and therefore
good germination, and 2) They depth-control the machine. The 12mm wide heavy duty spring
loaded tine penetrates the ground to a depth of 4 to 5”. Because the tine is so narrow very
little soil disturbance takes place.
The seeding tube is adjustable both up and down, and
forwards and backwards thus allowing exact placement of
seed and fertilizer. Seeding tubes are hardfaced on the
leading edge to minimize wear.
The Seeding cultivator is mounted on a linkage system
behind the seedbox. Lifting and lowering of the cultivator
is carried out by two double acting hydraulic rams. Power
for the rams is supplied by the external hydraulics on
your tractor.
When lifting the cultivator out of the ground the drive
wheel for the metering units automatically lifts off the
tyre and seeding stops. When lowering the machine into
the ground the wheel re-engages – ready for seeding.
Optional Extras
If you do not wish to use Press
Wheels, Spiral or Crumble Rollers
can be fitted instead.
The Ndume Air Seeder can be used in planting a variety of small seed crops,
wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, rice and others.

Working widths 16ft 19ft 24ft
Transport Width 15 ft
Number of tines 20 22 28
Tine (row) spacing 10”
Under beam clearance 23”
Drilling depths 0 – 5”
Hopper capacity (wheat) 1,100 kg
Hopper capacity (fertilizer) 1,100 kg
Seed rates 10 kg –120 kg
Power required 120 HP 140 HP 160 HP
Tyres and Wheels Double 900 x 20”
Metering units Adjustable fluted roller type made of steel
The Presswheel Planter is suitable for conventional, Minimum Tillage and Zero
Tillage farming practices.

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