The Ndume weed buster cultivator is the ideal secondary tillage machine. In line with modern thinking, the weed buster slices off the weeds, breaks down the clods with a minimum loss of moisture and soil degradation.
Tines are ā€œCā€ section type made from plate formed into a channel and boxed in at the back for extra strength. Each tine is spring loaded and will break away if rocks or roots are encountered in the soil. These can be supplied with 9ā€ Sweeps or 2ā€ reversible bar points depending on field
Depth control is done by changing sleeves on the wheel hydraulic rams or the crumble rollers if fitted.
Crumble rollers can be fitted to all models to flatten out the ridge and furrow effect of the sweeps and to break down soil clods, thus leaving you with a perfect seed bed for planting.
The weed buster can easily be converted into an Air Seeder by simply fitting a Ndume Seed and Fertilizer Box between the tractor and the cultivator. Spiral Rollers or Press Wheels can be fitted to the back of the cultivator.
Trailed models are available in 19, 24, 28 and 30ft widths. Mounted models are available in 10, 12 and 14ft widths.

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