Cultivate, Fertilize and Plant
in One Operation with One

• There is no other machine as simple
to operate or maintain.
• Designed to seed in most conditions.
• Easy to calibrate

The simplest Seeder ever made!
The NdumeAir Seeder has none of the complex parts normally associated with
conventional seed drills e.g. no gears, no clutches, no discs or springs. The
conventional 16 row seeder has 16 separate metering units for sowing seed and 16
units for sowing fertilizer. The Ndume Air Seeder has one metering unit for seed and
one for fertilizer. Both metering units are the fluted roller type made of steel and run
on sealed ball bearings. Seed and fertilizer distribution is done by air through one
distributor head – there are NO MOVING PARTS TO GO WRONG. Air for the system is
provided by a fan driven by the tractor P.T.O. shaft.
The seed and fertilizer are put into the ground behind heavy duty, EasyFlow spring
tines. The tines are designed to vibrate as they go through the ground, helping discard
residue around the tine shank. Tines are mounted on a 3-bank frame, with 18” spacing
between banks. Inter-tine spacing is 24” and row spacing is 8”
The Spiral Roller at the rear of the machine has two functions:

  1. It covers the seed and firms up the soil.
  2. It depth-controls the machine.
    Drive to the metering units is via the cage wheel shown on the side of the machine.
    When you lift the machine out of the ground drive to the metering units stops. There
    are no clutches or gearboxes.

Seeders can be
supplied with
instead of the
Spiral Roller as

Working Width 10ft 9ft
Transport Width 10ft 9ft
No. of Tines 16 14
Row Spacing 8” 8”
Under Beam Clearance 17” 17”
Hopper Capacity – Wheat 200kg 200kg
Hopper Capacity – Fertilizer 200kg 200kg
Power Required 70-80HP 60-70HP

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