Seed, fertilize, cultivate – all with one machine
• There is no other machine as simple to operate or maintain.
• Designed to seed even in the most extreme conditions.
• Direct drill or seed conventionally
The Simplest Seeder Ever Made!
The Ndume Air seeder has none of the complex parts normally associated with conventional
seed drills e.g. no gears, no clutches, no discs or springs. The conventional 24-run seeder has
24 separate metering units for sowing seed and 24 units for sowing fertilizer. The Ndume air
seeder has two metering unit for seed and two for fertilizer. All metering units are the fluted
roller type made of steel and run on sealed ball bearings. Seed and fertilizer distribution is
carried out by air through two distributor heads and there are NO MOVING PARTS TO GO
WRONG. Air for the system is provided by a fan by the tractor P.T.O. shaft.
The seed and fertilizer are put into the ground behind heavy duty, easy flow, spring tines –
made in Europe. The tines are designed to vibrate as they go through the ground, helping to
discard any residue around the tine shank.
Tines are mounted on a 4-bank frame with 18” spacing between banks. Row spacing is set at 7
inches, inter-tine spacing is 28 inches. Because of the large inter-tine spacing seeding into trash
of straw is no problem for the Ndume Air Seeder. Seeding depth and covering is controlled by
a spiral roller mounted on the rear of the cultivator. Also any weed or grass that has been
“cleaned” by the tines while planting are brought to the surface by the roller as it rotates.

The cultivator is mounted on a three-point linkage system behind the seedbox. Lifting and
lowering of the cultivator is carried out by double-acting hydraulic rams. Power for the rams is
supplied by the external hydraulics on your tractor. When lifting the cultivator out of the
ground the drive wheel for the metering units automatically lifts off the tyre and seeding stops.
When lowering the machine into the ground the wheel re-engages – there are no in and out of
gear clutches.
The Ndume Air Seder can be used in planting a variety of crops: wheat, barley, oats, sorghum,
rice and many others.
All models have hydraulically operated folding wings for transport purposes.

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