With Offset Headstock

Chisel-ploughing the Ndume way means:

  1. More Acres cultivated with less fuel used.
  2. Leaves your moisture from the previous season underground – where it should be.
  3. Moisture penetrates deep down into the soil profile when it rains.
  4. Eliminates hard pans caused by conventional ploughing.
  5. Soil erosion is cut down to a minimum.
  6. Leaves your field in a state that means one harrowing is usually enough for a seed bed.
  7. Generally, crop yields will be increased due to better moisture conservation and soil conditioning.
  8. The offset Headstock takes care of tractors with a tire track wider than the plough.

The Main Frame Material

• 100mm x 100mm high stress box section
• Distance between tines .. 12 Inch
• Number of banks .. .. .. .. 2
• Width of frame .. .. .. .. ..5ft
• 3-point linkage mounting brackets category 2
• Low draft type tines with reversible spring-steel points
• Each tine is equipped with a 5/8” Shear Bolt designed to shear if large obstacles are encountered (rocks, roots, etc)
• Number of tines 5
• Under beam clearance 610mm
• Inter-tine clearance 24 inch

The Chisel ploughs are manufactured in sizes to suit tractors from 75 – 85 hp. They can be supplied with or without the Crumble Rollers.

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