2, 3 or 4-Tines
Designed to Save You Money!

Don’t beat your soils to death!
It has now been proved beyond all doubt that the less you disturb your soils the more fertile
they become. Conservation Tillage conditions your soils into a state that allows the soils to
collect and retain the moisture and rainfall that is available. We call this “Putting Rain in the
Chisel Ploughing the NDUME way means:

  1. Moisture penetrates deep down into your soil profile when it rains.
  2. Soil erosion is cut down to a minimum
  3. You only cultivate the area you are going to plant into, leaving the area in between undisturbed –
    water will now tend to run towards the growing crop where it is most needed.
  4. Eliminates hard pans caused by conventional ploughing.
  5. No other implement is needed to get a seedbed ready for planting
  6. Your land preparation costs will be cut by up to 60%
  7. Generally crop yields will be increased due to better moisture conservation and soil conditioning.
    The Ndume Chisel Plough is very easy to maintain and set up in the field. Simply hitch the unit to your 3-
    point linkage, making sure the plough is level both ways. Depth control is done by simply lifting or
    lowering the rollers at the back of the plough. All tines are shear-bolt protected.
    Chisel Ploughs can be supplied with Cutting Coulters as an option (for cutting through crop residues).
    Number of Tines: 2, 3 or 4
    Tines Points: Reversible Type
    Tines, rollers and coulters (if fitted) are all adjustable across toolbar to suite different crop row widths.
    Tractor HP Required: Approximately 20HP per tine.

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