The Ndume Precision Planter has none of the complex parts normally seen on a
precision planter.
The fertilizer metering units are fluted roller type made of steel, each unit is
rate adjustable. Required Fertilizer rates are controlled by simply opening and
closing a gate. The fertilizer is put into the ground behind a heavy duty spring
loaded tine which penetrates the ground approximately 5 inches deep. Only
the tine point penetrates the ground, depth control of this tine is achieved by
two depth control wheels on the back of the main planter frame. Behind each
tine is an adjustable fertilizer pipe, a simple adjustment of the pipe allows the
operator to change the placement of the fertilizer up and down.
The seeding parallelogram follows 25 inches behind the fertilizer tine. The
precision seed metering unit is of a vertical spoon pick up seed disc that places
the seed directly behind the seeding point. Seed planting depth is controlled
by adjustable double press wheels running behind the parallelogram. The press
wheels press on either side of the planting furrow -not directly on to the
planting line – thus ensuring a quick emergence without the danger of capping.
The seed spacing can be changed easily by simply selecting a different gear on
a centrally mounted gear box.
Planters are supplied with two sizes of spoon pickup discs, one for large seeds
like maize and beans, and the other for smaller seeds.
As with all Ndume equipment, the planter is easy to set up and operate and
simple to maintain.

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