The Ndume Direct Drill
has tines fitted with bar
points 5/8” wide that
penetrate the soil 7”
deep. Seed and fertilizer
is placed 1” – 2” deep on
the parallelogram unit
that is attached to the
rear of the tine. Depth is
controlled by the
Tines are shear bolt
protected. The main tine
creates a mini seed bed
7” deep with minimum
soil disturbance, and the
parallelogram unit puts
the seed into a furrow
behind the main tine.

The presswheels ensure good seed to soil contact and hence good germination. All
tines are fitted with adjustable contour-following disc coulters ahead of the tines
which cut surface trash ensuring no blockages when planting.
Planting units can be fitted with twin-row shoes instead of the single-row unit. This
effectively splits the row into two rows 5” apart.

No. of Tines 13
Tine Spacing 12”
Inter-Tine Spacing 24”
Overall Width 14ft
Tractor HP Required 140 HP

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